Highlights from the September Board Meeting

Virtual Camp Blast Summer Programming: normally an in-person program, this update provided an overview of some of the challenges and opportunities for students, families and staff.
LDCSB Summer School Programming: completely virtual for the first time ever, with 2,250 students enrolled, the highest ever!
COVID Outbreak Management: a high-level overview of protocols should the LDCSB receive confirmation of a positive student or staff COVID result.
COVID-19 Funding Summary: the LDCSB has received additional funds for areas such as reopening costs, additional custodial and teaching staff, HVAC review and maintenance, special education and mental health supports, and technology.
Principal/Vice Principal Changes:
Christian Finkenzeller, currently Secondary Department Head and Teacher, Catholic Central High School is appointed as Secondary Vice-Principal, St. André Bessette Catholic Secondary School, effective October 20, 2020.

Lorne Hillier, Vice Principal, St. Andre Bessette, will retire effective October 31, 2020. We extend our congratulations and our thanks to Lorne for his years of dedicated service to the students of our Board.